Dried Fruit

As you know, some fruits are specific to a specific season and it is easy to find and consume fresh fruits in their specific season, but as fall and winter approaches, these fruits become rare and the need for them is naturally felt strongly. The best option to meet this need is to dry fruits. We can supply the dried fruit you need with the highest quality, in the shortest time and in the package you want.

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Apricot leaves, peach leaves, dried apples, dried plums, kiwi and other dried fruits are types of dried fruits and each one has different properties and vitamins.

One of the advantages of dry fruit is that its volume is much less than fresh fruit, and another advantage is its long shelf life.

Dried Fruit - میوه خشک

Dried Fruit

If you are thinking of a healthy way to improve your general health, dry fruits with protein are one of the best options. As you know, fruit trees, bushes and plants are fertile and lush in the summer season, or some fruits are specific to a specific season, and consuming and finding fresh fruits in their specific season is easy, but as autumn and winter approach These fruits are becoming rare and the need for them in a natural way is strongly felt.

When it comes to consuming fruit in the seasons when the tree does not bear fruit, the first and best option to meet this need is to dry the fruit. Dried fruits have almost all of their water content removed through the drying process, and the fruit becomes shriveled, small, and energetic during this process. Fruits lose some of their vitamin C in the drying process, but their fiber, antioxidants and other organic acids remain unchanged.

Dried apples, dried berries, dried cherries, dried apricots, etc. are among the most popular dried fruits that can be used with hot or cold drinks or separately to satisfy hunger.

Despite the benefits of dried fruits, experts believe that the most important difference between dried fruits and fresh fruits is the evaporation of water, which contains significant amounts of nutrients. Of course, dried fruits are useful for consumption in special situations, such as climbing or at work, when there is not much time and the possibility of carrying a large load. The remarkable thing about the use of dried fruits is that due to the ever-increasing price of fruits, they can be dried in abundant seasons and used in times of scarcity.

All kinds of dried fruit

Apricot leaf: It is considered one of the most popular and delicious dried fruits, and in addition to its pleasant taste, it also has very high properties. Since apricot leaf is a rich source of potassium, it can prevent diseases related to blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

peach skin: It is one of those dry fruits that have high fiber and helps a lot to the health of the digestive system and the treatment of constipation; It also contains vitamin A and minerals such as copper and potassium.

dried fig: The use of dried figs is highly recommended for women, especially pregnant women, due to their high folic acid content. According to studies, pregnant women can supply their body with folic acid deficiency by consuming a few dried figs daily.

Dried dates: Dried dates are one of the most common dried fruits that have been considered since ancient times and have many benefits. Protecting the heart is one of the most important properties of dry dates.

Dried apple: Apple is one of the best fruits for people who are on a diet and because of its low calories, it is considered the best choice for obese people.

Dried plums: Prune is a rich source of iron and prevents diseases such as anemia. Plums play an effective role in the body’s metabolism and prevent iron deficiency by increasing the production of red blood cells in the body.