South of Iran has different types of dates with different properties, specifications and appearance and most countries are customers of Iranian dates, but the preparation of the product according to customer needs and compliance with the necessary standards is generally not observed, so cooperation does not continue and unfortunately causes There is cooperation, we assure you that we have a special experience in the field of exporting Iranian dates with the highest standard and we will meet all the needs of your foreign customer.
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Pistachio export is our main specialty and most of our exports are made to Russia. We have the ability to prepare and process Iranian pistachios according to customer needs by observing the highest necessary standards according to customer orders, which has led to the satisfaction of our customers. we can prepare the required pistachio in the shortest possible time and deliver it to the destination country according to your needs.
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Ask us for the best and highest quality marine and farmed shrimp, we can supply any tonnage of shrimp in 2 kg and 6 kg packages and send it all over the world, also we can supply cleaned shrimp, which is specialized in the text We will mention them below, headless shrimp, peeled shrimp, completely cleaned shrimp, shrimp with tail and also cooked shrimp that will be reddish in color.
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Company History

Our business activities have started since 2016 and during this period we had the honor of cooperating with large companies in various fields and with God's help and effort we have been able to satisfy our customers with the quality of our products and the type of marketing.

Field of Company Activity

Nuts (pistachios, dates, figs, raisins), cars, wood, oilseeds, fish, shrimp, etc. are among the products that cover a significant part of our activities.

7 Years experience in exporting and importing

We have been doing business professionally for more than 7 years. We have exported and imported a variety of products such as pistachios, dates, fish, shrimps, dried fruits, dried figs, etc. to different countries. Click on the link below to see more information.

Trade is our specialty

Why Smart Team?

8 years of experience in exporting products
Packaging of goods according to customer needs
Sending products to different countries

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