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Ask us for the best and highest quality marine and farmed shrimp, we can supply any tonnage of shrimp in 2 kg and 6 kg packages and send it all over the world, also we can supply cleaned shrimp, which is specialized in the text We will mention them below, headless shrimp, peeled shrimp, completely cleaned shrimp, shrimp with tail and also cooked shrimp that will be reddish in color.

Headless Shrimp

Peeled shrimp

Shrimp completely cleaned

Yes, this is our specialty, first class cooked shrimp is available in our collection.

Yes, we will deliver the shrimp to you in your own packaging according to your needs.

Shrimp - میگو


Shrimp are ten-legged crustaceans that have elongated bodies and specialized appendages for swimming in water. Unlike crabs and lobsters, their legs are thin and weak. Thousands of shrimp species have been identified in various locations and ecosystems, including seabeds, lakes, and rivers.

The lifespan of these animals is between one to seven years, depending on the species and environmental conditions, and they usually live alone for the rest of their lives. However, in some species of shrimp, large accumulations of them can be seen during the breeding season.

Shrimps vary in size from 2 to 25 cm, and larger species are more economically considered and exploited by humans. Shrimp are also important in the nature and food chain of animals and are the food source of many fish and whales.

Shrimp Habitat

Shrimp are found in many parts of the world and usually live in the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. Most species live in the oceans and in brackish water. Some of them prefer estuaries and brackish water. In total, about a quarter of shrimp species live in freshwater. Oceanic species live off the coast to a depth of 5,000 meters. Almost all of the identified species of shrimp spend their entire lives underwater, except for two exceptional species that spend a significant amount of their life out of the water and among mangrove trees and are semi-arid.

Human consumption of shrimp

In the 1970s, industrial shrimp farming became especially popular in China. Over time, with the increasing acceptance and need of communities for shrimp, its production has also increased, and in 2007 the production of farmed shrimp exceeded the rate of shrimp fishing from the seas. China is the largest producer of farmed shrimp, followed by Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Ecuador and Bangladesh. Most imports come from the United States, the European Union and Japan.

Shrimp are usually sold frozen and have a high nutritional value. This food contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iodine and good cholesterol and has a low level of mercury compared to other seafood. Shrimp, like some other seafood, are also one of the most common causes of food allergies. In Judaism, shrimp is not kosher (halal), so it is not used in Jewish cooking.

What kind of shrimp do we have?

We can prepare and deliver all kinds of shrimp, but here we want to mention the most important ones
Head-on, shell-on (HOSO) Vannamei Shrimp Raw Or Coocked
Headless, shell-on (HLSO) Vannamei Shrimp Raw Or Coocked
Peeled & deveined, Tail-on Vannamei Shrimp Raw Or Coocked


Head-on, shell-on (HOSO) Raw Or Coocked

Head-on, shell-on (HOSO) ​

This is the purest type of shrimp, since it is exported as it arrives to our processing plant, without any additional procedure. The shrimp is carefully handled and processed immediately after harvesting.

Goods descriptionsFrozen vannamei shrimp raw head on shell on (HOSO)
Scientific nameLitopenaeus vannamei
Size (pieces/ kg)20-30 | 30-40 | 40-50 | 50-60 | 60-70 | 70-80 | 80-100 | 100-120 | ….
Packing 2 Kg, 6 Kg / master carton or as per customer’s requirements
CertificatesHACCP, HALAL, BRC, IFS

Head-on, shell-on (HOSO) - Cooked

Head-on, shell-on (HOSO) - Cooked

Head-Less, shell-on (HLSO) Raw Or Coocked

Head-Less, shell-on (HLSO) - Cooked


Goods descriptionsFrozen vannamei shrimp raw headless shell on (HLSO)
Scientific nameLitopenaeus vannamei
Size (pieces/ lb)16-20, 21-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40 or as per customer’s requirements
PackingIQF, 1 kg/ plain bag with header card, 10 bags/ master carton or as per customer’s requirements
CertificatesHACCP, HALAL, BRC, IFS

Head-Less, shell-on (HLSO) - Cooked

Head-Less, shell-on (HLSO) - Cooked