Russian Wood

Russian wood is one of the best woods in the market of Iran and the world and is very popular in our country. These woods are usually imported from the northern ports of Iran in the form of vortices and boards.
In Iranian markets, different types of Russian wood are available to customers. As mentioned, one of the most widely used woods in Iran is Russian wood and there are different types, including: It has Nrad, Yolka, Sasna, etc., which we will examine in the following.

High durability

Convenient appearance


The place of delivery of wood consignments is in one of the four ports in the north of the country

  • Making plywood.
  • Extensive use in furniture making.
  • Making wooden home furniture (tables and chairs).
  • Use this wood in interior decoration.
  • Build doors and windows.
  • Making royal paintings.
  • Use it in making cabinets.
  • Making all kinds of boxes.
Russian Wood - چوب روسی

What is a Whirlpool?

The trunks of trees that are round are called tornadoes. At present, tornadoes imported from Russia are skinless.
Russian tornado
We can send vortices in sizes below 10, which is called balance, and we have a high size from 18 to 40, the balance size is usually used for applications such as MDF core production, paper curves, etc., and high sizes for producing sheets and after turning into sheets products such as: Covers, ice cream sticks, flooring, etc. are prepared from it.

Types of Russian wood breeds

Russian wood is made from different species of trees, but several types are very useful, which we will mention in this article.

  • Sasna race
  • Yulka race
  • Race Briuza

Yulka wood:

Yulka is the name of the species “Yale” which is spruce in the Russian alphabet and in English and spruce in Turkish “Shiq Şıq”. This type of wood is made of spruce tree and is one of the softwoods.yolka knots in a point and is repeated unbalanced along the wood.
The bulk density of Russian Yulka wood is between 0.4 and 0.45. The color of this wood is yellowish white and it is a type of fast growing trees so that it can reach 30 cm from 3 cm in diameter in 8 years, the initial diameter in industrial wood production farms. Which can be put on the list of fast growing trees.
Yulka is usually light, soft and coarse-textured, and Sasna is slightly red and pink and slightly oily, sometimes coarse-textured and sometimes fine-textured and very firm.

Sasna wood:

Pine with the scientific name of Pine Sasna is originally the name of the species “Susna” which is in the Russian alphabet сосна and in English pine and in Turkish “Şam” and in Persian pine!
This wood is mostly used in pallet making, coiling, light furniture, thermowood, boat making, fencing, wood chemical industries such as paper and fiber making, chipboard, MDF, HDF, plywood and in most wood industries due to Frequency and reasonable price have various applications and uses.

Wood in the Broza breed :

The scientific name of this species is Betula pendula. This tree is called Birch or silver birch and in Russian it is called Bereza. In the Iranian market, three words are used for this wood, which are: Brioche wood, birch wood and birch.
The Briuza tree is one of the symbols of Russia. Even in Russian literature, the white trunk and straight stature of this tree have often been compared to a young, slender and beautiful girl.

Features of brioche wood:

  • Briuza Durability: Wood is very durable and due to its medium strength and smoothness, it is widely used in the furniture industry.
  • Appearance: This wood has straight grains and an attractive pattern that makes the product beautiful.
  • Resistance to rot: This species is very resistant to rot.
  • Polishing and painting: Painting and using glue while working with this wood is very easy.
  • Cutting: Has a high saw without appendages.
  • Brioche color: It is often creamy white and turns golden brown in the center. There is no specific color distinction between annual growth rings.