Russian Wood - چوب روسی

Russian wood

Russian wood is one of the best woods in the market of Iran and the world and is very popular in our country. These woods are usually imported from the northern ports of Iran in the form of vortices and boards. In Iranian markets, different types of Russian wood are available to customers.

Pistachio - پسته


Pistachio export is our main specialty and most of our exports are made to Russia. We have the ability to prepare and process Iranian pistachios according to customer needs by observing the highest necessary standards according to customer orders. we can prepare the required pistachio in the shortest possible time and deliver it to the destination country according to your needs.

Date - خرما


South of Iran has different types of dates with different properties, specifications and appearance and most countries are customers of Iranian dates. we assure you that we have a special experience in the field of exporting Iranian dates with the highest standard and we will meet all the needs of your foreign customer.

Dried Fruit - میوه خشک

Dried Fruit

Some fruits are specific to a certain season and as other seasons approach, these fruits become rare and the need for them is felt naturally. The best option to meet this need is to dry fruits. We can supply the dried fruit you need with the highest quality, in the shortest time and in the package you want.

Fig - انجیر خشک


Iranian figs or better to say, Estahban Persian figs grows without irrigation and only with rain water, which is called Bash fig. This product, like other Iranian dried fruit products, has standard and different sizes. Steam collection has the possibility to deliver the highest quality figs you need in the shortest possible time.

Raisin - کشمش


Iran has different varieties of grapes and therefore different raisins are made from different grapes. Each raisin has different characteristics, size, color, size and properties. We have the ability to supply all types of raisins in Iran and we can deliver this product to you with the required quality.

Millet - ارزن


Russian, golden and coarse grain millet is one of the highest quality types of millet in the world, in Iran this product is used as poultry feed, but in some countries it is used to produce bread, etc. We import this product from Russia directly and without intermediaries to Iran, this product is imported to the country in a threshed and sorted form in 25 kg bags.



Olive is a small oval-shaped fruit that is typically green or black in color, depending on its level of ripeness. It comes from the olive tree, which is native to the Mediterranean region and parts of Asia. Olives are commonly used in cooking, particularly in Mediterranean cuisine, and they are also a popular ingredient in salads, sandwiches, and other dishes.

Fish - ماهی


Iranians have a lot of good experience in breeding and distributing aquatic species such as fish and shrimp. We can prepare fish such as salmon, trout, Yellow fins tuna, Quinn fish, Japanese threadfin bream fish, Beluga fish and EEL fish fellet according to your needs in the shortest possible time and deliver it to the destination country.

Shrimp - میگو


Ask us for the best and highest quality marine and farmed shrimp, we can supply any tonnage of shrimp in 2 kg and 6 kg packages and send it all over the world, also we can supply cleaned shrimp, headless shrimp, peeled shrimp, completely cleaned shrimp, shrimp with tail and also cooked shrimp that will be reddish in color.

Crab - خرچنگ


Due to the presence of nutrients and minerals in crabs, consuming this nutrient has unique health benefits. But crabs are considered a luxury food in many countries, including Iran; Because this food is very expensive; It has a very pleasant taste and also contains many nutrients. Contact us for information on how and when to send.

Caviar - خاویار


Caviar is one of the most expensive foods in the world. The Caspian Sea, as the largest source of sturgeon in the world, supplies more than 10% of the world's caviar and Iran is one of the main exporters of this unique food. We can send the caviar you need with your desired packaging. Contact us if you need more information.

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide is useful for its ability to alter fats. It is used to make soap and as a main ingredient in household products such as liquid drain cleaners. Sodium hydroxide is usually sold in pure form as white pellets or as a solution in water.